Key Milestones for Moderna


  • Moderna announces dosing of the first monoclonal antibody encoded by mRNA in a clinical trial
  • Moderna announces positive interim Phase 1 data for combination vaccine against hMPV and PIV3


  • Moderna’s common stock began trading on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker symbol “MRNA”
  • Moderna opens its state-of-the-art clinical development site in Norwood, MA
  • Completion of $500m series G equity financing. Total cash raised: $2.5 billion
  •  mRNA-8601 (VEGF) proceeds to Phase 2 clinical development – first Moderna candidate to reach Phase 2


  • Moderna announces first therapeutic rare disease development candidate, mRNA-3704, for methylmalonic acidemia
  • Moderna and Merck initiate first-in-human dosing for mRNA-4157, a personalized cancer vaccine
  • License and collaboration with AstraZeneca to co-develop/co-commercialize AZD7970, an mRNA therapeutic encoding for relaxin
  • Moderna’s first human data published in Molecular Therapy from study of mRNA 1440, an H10 vaccine candidate
  • Moderna initiates first-in-human dosing for mRNA-2416 , its OX40 ligand intratumoral immunotherapy
  • Moderna initates first-in-human dosing for mRNA-1647, a vaccine candidate to protect against cytomegalovirus 
  • Moderna initiates first-in-human dosing for mRNA-1653, a multivalent vaccine to protect against human metapneumovirus and parainfluenza virus 

  • In collaboration with DARPA, Moderna introduces its first infectious disease therapeutic development candidate, mRNA-1944, encoding an antibody against Chikungunya virus


  • Lease signed to build 200,000 sq ft GMP mRNA clinical manufacturing facility in Norwood, MA, which opened in July 2018

  • BARDA funding award for up to $125M for Zika
  • $474M equity financing (including $20M convertible note from Vertex)

  • Vertex CFTR collaboration - $40M upfront, one target ($20M cash payment, $20M convertible note investment)
  • Merck partnership in personalized cancer vaccines - $200M upfront

  • Charles River Laboratories (CRL) collaboration
  • Moderna initiates first-in-human dosing for mRNA-1851, an H7N9 flu vaccine candidate 
  • Moderna introduces its first development candidate in its intratumoral immuno-oncology disease modality, mRNA-2416, encoding for OX40-Ligand intratumoral immunotherapy
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant for HIV/AIDS - Up to $100M
  • Merck licenses additional vaccine candidate
  • AstraZeneca 50/50 collaboration in immuno-oncology - Two targets
  • Moderna introduces its first development candidate in its locatlized therapeutic modality, mRNA AZD-8601, encoding for VEGF-A


  • Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC (PPD) collaboration


  • Moderna introduces its first development candidate in its prophylactic disease modality, mRNA-1440, an H10N8 flu vaccine candidate.
  • Moderna initiates first-in-human dosing for mRNA 1440
  • Merck collaboration in infectious disease - $50M upfront, $50M equity, five targets
  • $450M equity financing


  • Alexion strategic agreement in rare disease - $100M upfront, up to 10 targets


  • $110M equity financing
  • Expansion to new HQ and labs at 200 Technology Sq.

  • DARPA grant - Up to $25M
  • AstraZeneca collaboration in cardiometabolic disease and cancer - $240M upfront, up to 40 targets


  • $40M equity financing


  • Operations started


  • Company incorporated